Scar Cover up

Scar cover up

Scalp scarring is commonly caused by surgery or injury. These scars can be very noticeable and result in low self-esteem. Unfortunately, hair does not grow in a scarred area as the follicles either no longer exist or have become damaged. So when you have a scar on your scalp, you are left with a bald area. Here at True SMP, our goal is to camouflage hair loss and help restore lost confidence. For scarring, we do this with our scar cover up treatment.

Scar cover up is done using scalp micropigmentation. Microdots of pigment are applied to replicate natural hair follicles. These microdots are deposited within the scar and at least 2cm around the area within the existing healthy hair follicles to ensure it blends perfectly with your natural hair. Scar cover up will ensure any scarring will be undetectable to the untrained eye.

Another possible benefit of scar cover up treatment is restoring hair growth. While this is NOT guaranteed, the process used in scar cover up treatment CAN restore some health to the injured skin and, on some occasions, stimulate the hair follicles underneath the scar and reestablish hair growth.

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FUT hair transplant scar cover up Maryland

FUT & FUE cover up

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is the most common type of hair transplant. The procedure will leave you with a strip-like scar at the back or side of your head, also known as the donor area. As previously stated, hair no longer grows in scarred areas.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is another form of hair transplant. This procedure is slightly different and will leave you with small circular scars across your scalp where the donor hair follicles have been extracted.

Using our scar cover up treatment, we will deposit microdots of pigment into the scar and blend them in with the hairs surrounding it. Scar cover up treatment is the perfect way to complete your hair journey.