HAIR Pigmentation & density

Hair Pigmentation

Your hairline is what frames your face and is unique for every individual. Hair loss can be distressing for everyone, no matter what gender they are. Here at True SMP, we can restore any hairline or diffuse thinning with hair pigmentation.

Hair pigmentation, better known as scalp micropigmentation, is becoming more popular and widely recognized as the leading hair loss solution worldwide. During a thorough consultation, we will work closely with you and discuss what you want to achieve from hair pigmentation.

Thousands of microdots of carbon-based pigment are deposited into the scalp to replicate the look of natural hair follicles. Hair pigmentation can be used on people experiencing complete hair loss of the scalp, those with scalp scar, alopecia sufferers, and people with diffuse thinning.

Taking our expertise and advice will leave you with flawlessly sharp results and a boost in confidence. Join us at our studio in Maryland.

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Hair Pigmentation for Density Treatment

Have you recently found that your hair is starting to thin? Notice some balding patches that are starting to affect your confidence? Hair pigmentation is the perfect solution for you.

Hair pigmentation can recreate the illusions of density. We will work through your hair, section by section, creating an underlying shading effect with the pigment; this is done by implanting microdots between the thinning areas of hair and will create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair.

Male and female hair loss is measured differently, as they experience hair loss differently. For men, we use The Norwood Scale to measure the extent of hair loss before performing hair pigmentation. The scale is from 1-7 and goes from thinning and receding to complete hair loss. For women wanting hair pigmentation, we use The Ludwig scale to measure the extent of hair loss; this is only on a scale of 1-3, and rarely does female hair loss lead to complete balding.