Beard Tattoo

How can a beard tattoo help you?

A beard tattoo, aka beard micropigmentation, offers an incredible non-invasive way to have a fuller-looking beard. Many men experience beard hair loss, leaving them with sparse hairs and patches throughout, which can be very obvious. If this is something you are experiencing, there is a solution.

Many men going through facial hair loss may choose to shave their beard off completely to avoid the noticeable patches, but in a day and age where the most significant trend for men is to have a beard, it can be challenging for those who struggle to grow a full one. A beard tattoo offers a non-invasive way to conceal the patched hair loss and create a full-looking beard. Microdots of pigment are deposited into the scalp to replicate the beards hair follicles. This illusion makes the beard appear full, thick, and sharp.

Although sometimes referred to as a beard tattoo, the treatment is different. In a beard tattoo, pigment is used, not ink. This pigment is carbon-based, meaning it is made with natural ingredients and will not change color. The pigment is also not deposited as deep as traditional tattoos are.

A beard tattoo is growing in popularity. Join us in helping you have that luscious beard you have been hoping for.