Hair Tattoo

What is a hair tattoo?

If you are looking for a long-lasting solution to your hair loss, then a hair tattoo is the treatment for you.

Unlike many other hair loss solutions, our hair tattoo has vastly become the leading solution worldwide. Requiring little to no downtime, a hair tattoo is non-surgical and non-invasive. The whole procedure consists of pigment being implanted into the scalp to replicate the look of hair follicles.

A hair tattoo is better known in the industry as scalp micropigmentation, and although many people recognize it as a tattoo and the procedures seem similar, there are actually a lot of differences. A traditional tattoo uses predominantly metal-based tattoo ink. Also, the ink is deposited deep into the dermal layer of the skin. With a hair tattoo, the pigment is carbon-based, and the rest of the ingredients are also natural. The pigment is also only deposited just below the epidermis.

These are what create huge differences between the two procedures. A hair tattoo will give you a natural-looking result that will not change color and leave you with the appearance of a full head of hair. If you use the traditional tattooing method for your hair tattoo, it will not look realistic and eventually leave you with blue dots that have merged to create what will look like a helmet.

When looking for a hair tattoo, it is essential to find an experienced professional who works in Scalp Micropigmentation, not just tattooing.

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